Acceleration for powerful servo motors

Time is money – this is true particularly in manufacture. Therefore machine cycle times should be as short as possible.

However, when dealing with applications requiring high torques yet low speeds, physical limits are quickly reached, as continuously high torque always involves a high voltage constant. The motor’s performance is thereby reduced, and fast processing is made impossible.

NOVOTRON decided to deal with this problem on a physical level. An interesting approach is field-weakening operation. To allow a motion control job to be done quickly or ensure a motor’s quick return to its initial position, the motor’s magnetic field is reduced just for this specific task.

The results are promising: In experiments with a pressing machine the travel speed of conventional servo motors could be increased by one hundred percent when operating the motors in field-weakening mode! In order to control motors during these phases, NOVODRIVE servo converters must only be equipped with a complementary software. You see: Shorter machine cycle times are easily made possible now!